Dolce Mangia
Sweet Eats
Caramel Candied Apples
1 c water
1 c sugar
1/2 c heavy cream
6 golden or red delicious apples
3 oz white chocolate
3 oz semi-sweet chocolate
1/4 c chopped nuts
Small candies such as mini m&ms, red hots, sprinkles, etc.
6 popsicle sticks

In a heavy saucepan over low heat, continually stir water and sugar till sugar is dissolved. Increase heat to medium and cook without stirring till sugar water is a dark amber color. (This may take several minutes.) Remove from heat and stir in heavy cream. Set aside to thicken.  

Insert popsicle sticks into the bottoms of the washed apples. Coat apples with caramel and place apples in the refrigerator to harden.* Melt chocolates separately. Drizzle chocolate over the apples and place nuts and candies on the apples. Keep refrigerated till serving. 

* A styrofoam ball cut in half and covered with wax paper is helpful for storing the apples in the refrigerator.

Time: 2 hours   Makes: 6 apples

Kids love making these just as much as eating them.

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