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Snoopfeld was our cocker spaniel. He was born July 1, 1999 in New York. He passed away on January 14, 2009 in Texas. Here is what I wrote about Snoopfeld when he was still with us:

Snoopfeld's name has been changed to protect the innocent. :) But seriously, how many dogs do you know that have a name that matches their personality? Puppies are named before they develop personalities. So Snoopfeld is my dog's stage name. lol

Snoopfeld is a 9-year old, black cocker spaniel. Why the name Snoopfeld? He is a cross between Snoopy, Garfield and Seinfeld. His Snoopy characteristics include wanting to be a time traveler and travel commentator. He fantasizes about how he can use his ears for flight. He continually wonders why it is that God created dogs without thumbs. Snoopfeld is a bit Joe Cool-ish. He owns his own sunglasses and likes to think that he is a bit of a lady's man.

The one area where Snoopfeld isn't like Snoopy is that Snoopfeld hates dog houses or crates of any kind. That is where the Garfield traits begin. Snoopfeld is like Garfield in that he thinks his master's house is really his domain. Snoopfeld has moments of laziness (don't we all?). He likes to use his intellectual abilities to outsmart others. And of course, he patiently waits for the opportunity to grab unguarded food.

Snoopfeld's Seinfeld side is in his humor. If Snoopfeld had a thumb, he would be a comic writer and you guessed it, he would be the star of his own comic strip. And his comic strip would be highly entertaining but would really be about nothing. Let's face it, Snoopfeld is a genious. Oh and Snoopfeld just loves to give people nicknames. He basically gives them to everyone he meets. He even names plants. Snoopfeld likes to think that he has a voice of reason and would eventually like to move out on his own. Since he is a senior citizen now, we doubt that will ever happen.

Snoopfeld is also one of the canine volunteers for the homeland security effort. He goes on patrol to protect his little patch of the earth. With no thumb he can't pack a glock so he uses taekwondo, judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. In the last scrap he had, he was putting moves on them that they had never seen before.  Let's just say that Snoopfeld bleeds red, white and blue.

Check out Snoopfeld's pictures!

Snoopfeld after grooming:

Snoopfeld waiting on a snack:

Snoopfeld taking a donut break:

Snoopfeld and the half moon incident:
I had just frosted a batch of half moons and had them on the counter so the frosting could set. I went to put a load of laundry away. I immediately realized that Snoopfeld was not behind me. I went to call him and I heard a crash. Snoopfeld had pulled one of the cookie racks off the counter for his personal eating pleasure.

Snoopfeld and his bunny:
Snoopfeld loved this bunny. It was the second one he had. He pulled all of the stuffing out of its head. He was out of luck his second time, as I couldn't find this exact bunny


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