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My love of food started at a young age. My father's family hails from Oriolo, Italy. I grew up in an Italian community in upstate New York. Pasta was an essential part of my life since I could chew! I also have an indulgent sweet tooth (particularly quality dark chocolate). So when it came time to name my website, Dolce Mangia was the perfect name. The correct phrasing for Sweet Eats is Mangia Dolce, but that domain was already taken. So Dolce Mangia it is!

While I love to cook, baking is my specialty. Particularly cakes and cookies. My family often jokes that cake is one of my four food groups. Christmas is a magical time in my house mainly due to the baking. Each Christmas I make roughly 25 different cookies and candies to give away to family, friends, colleagues and associates. It is a winter wonderland of sugar!

While Dolce Mangia is mainly a repository for recipes, I have added several other links that have meaning to me. I have added a Calabria link so that more people can enjoy this unique region of Italy. I have links about my current and former dogs. I have placed food quotes throughout the site. I also do a lot of creative crafting and I have included a tab for my finished works.

Thank you for taking the time to explore my site. Life is too short to not enjoy good food. Eating together is a great bonding experience that too many people seem to forgo all together. Food is meant to be shared! And with that Dolce Mangia!

"There is no sight on earth more appealing than the sight  
of a woman making dinner for someone she loves
-Thomas Wolfe-


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