Dolce Mangia
Sweet Eats
Cornbread Omelets
1  c  self-rising white cornmeal mix
1/2  c  buttermilk
1/2  c  milk
1/4  c  all-purpose flour
1  large egg, lightly beaten
Vegetable cooking spray
Filling: I scrambled some eggs and put bacon strips and goat cheese in mine.
Whisk together cornmeal mix, buttermilk, milk, all-purpose flour, and 1 large egg. 4. Coat skillet with cooking spray; melt 1 Tbsp. butter in skillet over medium-high heat, rotating pan to coat bottom evenly. Pour about 1/3 cup cornmeal mixture into skillet. Tilt pan so uncooked portion flows around to coat bottom of pan, cooking until almost set, bubbles form, and edges are dry (about 1 1/2 minutes). Gently flip with a spatula.

Sprinkle 1 side of omelet with your filling and fold the omelet in half; cook 30 seconds. Transfer to a serving plate; keep warm. Repeat procedure 4 times. Serve immediately.

Time: 20 minutes   Makes: 5

This recipe is a great choice for when you have guests. The presentation is awesome. You can fill it with whatever you have on hand. The original recipe can be found at:

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